Sunday, October 11, 2009


Title: MAIRE
Author: Linda Windsor
Publisher: Multnomah
2000 – reprinted in 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60142-246-0
Genre: Inspirational/historical

In an age of darkness comes a flam that will change the Isle of Erin and her people forever… (from the back cover)

In fifth-century Ireland the spark of Christianity is spreading like wildfire among kings, scholars, and peasants. But the impact is greatest among the druids, as the light of Christ separates those seeking the real truth from those simply seeking power.

On this stage of passion and change two warriors appear: Rowan of Emrys and Maire, warrior queen of Gleannmara. Both Rowan and Maire clash on the battlefield, but then Maire takes Rowan as her hostage—and husband. She doesn’t understand his faith, but she is impressed by his strong belief that meekness and humility are stronger than any blade of steel.

When Maire and Rowan are forced to lift their swords against the evil druid Morlach, they discover the cost – and joy – of following the one true God.

I read MAIRE when it first came out, and was happy to see The Fires of Gleannmara Series be repeated as I know that out of all the books Linda Windsor has written, these are the ones that are nearest and dearest to her heart.

I enjoyed rereading MAIRE and reconnecting with Rowan and Maire. The voice is totally different than Linda Windsor’s contemporary novels so it is almost like reading a different author. And while I don’t exactly relate to warriors in ancient Ireland, I still found plenty to care about. Don’t miss MAIRE. If you like historical fiction, you will want to read this book. $6.99. 352 pages.

I recieved this book from A Romance Review for review purposes. No money was exchanged.

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