Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stand: Diving into God's Words

Author: Alex McFarland
Publisher: Focus on the Family/Tyndale House
July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-58997-482-1
Genre: Inspirational/Christian life/Devotional

God is love. We’ve all heard that. We know it is true on some level. But have we really experienced the depth of God’s love in relation to how He loves you?

The best way to know God is to delve into the Bible and get to know the God of the Bible, the God of ancient Israel, the God who sent His only son for you (and me), the God who is still reaching out in love to His children today.

When you open the Bible, if you open it up to its exact center, chances are that you will land somewhere in the vicinity of Psalm 119. There are 176 verses in this chapter that talk about relationships, priorities, decisions, and other stuff that makes up real life. That makes Psalm 119 the ideal chapter to study.

In this twenty-two day devotional, STAND, the author will help you unlock the power of Psalm 119. This small book contains real life illustrations, trivia from biblical history, and stories, that will help t bring home timeless truths.

Sometimes God’s word seems overwhelming, but Mr. McFarland shows us in this devotional who God is. He will introduce you to key passages from the God and help you to discover God’s plan.

The STAND devotional series are geared toward teenagers. I was given my choice of two of them to choose between, and I let my seventeen year old son read the descriptions. He chose this one, STAND: DIVING INTO GOD’S WORDS. I read through the book easily in a matter of hours, though I would suggest taking it a lot slower, a chapter at a time or even portions of a chapter at a time, in order to get the most from this study. At the back of the book are places to record you thoughts about the specific verses you will study. I recommend this book for teens or new Christians.$12.99. 124 pages.

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