Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Lane Bridge

Author: Don Reid
Publisher: David C. Cook
October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6508-6
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary

John David (J.D.) Wickman and his wife, Karlie, have been married twenty years. They live a good life, but when their family restaurant starts having problems, J.D.’s mother needs more attention, and their college-age daughter wants to drop out of college, the couple starts struggling.

Needing to clear his mind, J.D. decides to go driving around one night. Crossing a one lane bridge, he meets a family who is clearly destitute. The wife is bedridden and ill, and the husband, Paul Clem, and their daughter. The family is very friendly. Wanting to help them out, J.D. and Karlie decide to take groceries to them. But J.D. can’t find either the house—or the bridge! J.D. is flabbergasted by this, and knowing what he’s seen, determined to find the family again so he can help.

Karlie begins to worry that J.D. might be going crazy from the stress. After all, bridges don’t just up and vanish. J.D.’s best friend shares his wife’s opinion. Is J.D. going insane, or will he be able to unravel this mystery?

Don Reid is a member of the Statler Brothers Country music group, but he is also a author. The story has a lot of unexpected twists and turns in it, which will help to hold the readers attention.

ONE LANE BRIDGE is the second novel I read by Don Reid, and I really can’t say which one I liked best. The characters are multi-dimensional, and have their own individual quirks. The reader will come away from ONE LANE BRIDGE feeling more compassionate, more loving, and more willing to travel unknown paths. This is a good book to read during this holiday season. A discussion guide and an interview with Don Reid is included at the end of the book. $14.99. 295 pages.

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