Monday, March 9, 2009

All Through the Night

Author: Davis Bunn
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0542-2
Genre: Inspirational/suspense/contemporary

Wayne is an ex-cop, recovering from a messy divorce, and not really sure he wants to come out of hiding to face the world again. But his sister, a pastor, forces him into interviewing to do accounting work for a bunch of seniors. What he discovers less than a month into the job is that these seniors have been scammed out of their life-savings.

Wayne wants to help these older people, so he breaches the con-man’s high-security estate to recover the stolen money. That was a piece of cake. But becoming a part of a community, or even learning to love again? Not happening.

When a lawyer approaches Wayne and asks him to take on another unusual case. Here wealthy employer believes he’s been visited by an angel. Did a messenger from God in a pinstriped suit really bring a divine warning, or could it be another hoax?

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT is the only book I’ve read by Mr. Bunn that he’d written solo (The others were co-written with Janette Oke, or Isabella Bunn). It did take me awhile to get into the story. The writing is stellar, there is no double about that, but maybe the book was just too masculine, at first, and it took me awhile to get into that mind-set. My husband on the other hand, picked it up and read it through in a matter of hours, he thought this book was great.

Once I got into the story, I found how Wayne’s mind worked intriguing. I enjoyed reading about how he risked prison time to help his senior citizen friends. I felt sorry for him being so badly hurt that he was afraid to get close to people, and I hoped that he would heal from his wounds. $13.99. 360 pages.

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