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An Interview with Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp

Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp author of Step Into Your Future: A Businesswoman’s Path to Profits shows how to make success a process.

“What specific incident inspired you to gather together this information and put together a book?

à Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp: Let’s face it, being a Small Business Owner is HARD. You don’t have time to focus. You’re stressed and you rush around. You’re all over the place; catching planes, picking up kids and completing proposals and contracts. And it seems like you’re doing this all at once. You’re lost in the trees and blind to the forest.

à Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp: The heart of success is figuring out what gets you the best results. You hear about business planning techniques that can help you focus on getting the business results you want. But you procrastinate in implementing them. I know this because I have been there too. It is overwhelming when you need to be the plumber, the accountant, the salesman and the person who delivers the goods. It is hard to make the time to work “on” the business and not work “in” the business. More planning advice is available at

“What’s the story behind the book’s title?”

à Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp: I feel so good when I work with other business owners to help them understand how to tame the things that steal your time. The great thing is that when you focus and produce results, you get to share your story of your products and services with everybody. You meet people who help you connect with others. You play a bigger game. People will recognize your name. You enjoy life. Your sphere of influence grows. You get more opportunities to create alliances with people that you now only dream about.

“What’s specific inspiration changed your life … and why do you feel it had such a ‘mind-shifting’ impact on you?”

à Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp: I believe in easy; an easy way to see what you need to do and came up with a quick process that allowed me to identify steps that accelerated my success. You can get more information at

Book Summary
As you read Step Into Your Future: Your Path to Profits you’ll discover a powerful map that will guide you on your road to business success. Here are some of things you get to take away from this business planning book:

Chapter One− What’s Your Dream Business?

è Identify your ideal life
è Improve your sales by understanding where you’re going
è Understand the showstoppers to success
è Turn off the voice of self-doubt and say, “Yes, this is what I was made for.”
è Don’t feel embarrassed because your business doesn’t make you money.

Chapter Two− Catch Your Business Vision on Paper

è Present the best “you” to the client to win more sales
è Understand that you are your business brand
è Actually take a vacation because you have the cash flow
è Don’t feel dumb at business events when you can’t communicate your product or service well.

Chapter Three− What Makes Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd?

è Discover personal and business values that attract clients
è Identify your business priorities
è Then you won’t worry about the supposedly urgent, but not critical, things on your to-do list

Chapter Four− Call Out Your Business Reason for Being on Paper

è Create a clear picture in clients’ minds of how you serve them
è You’ll feel ten pounds thinner and several inches taller when you know your plan of action
è You won’t wander off on less important things and give up the success that you would have had if you’d stayed on track

Chapter Five− The Truth About Your Time

è Identify key activities needed to increase revenue
è Understand the truth of how to get things done
è Don’t work on time-wasting activities that can be outsourced or delegated

Chapter Six− Create a Moneymaking System

è Increase your confidence in communicating the results you want
è Create a moneymaking model to understand your revenues and expenses
è Don’t get overwhelmed with math stuff like profit and loss statements

Chapter Seven− State What You Want

è Recognize activities that suck away all your profits
è Discover how to make key activities measurable
è Don’t be vague about the results you want

Chapter Eight− Plan Your Business Results

è Confidently share with your friends when you’ll own that new beach house you’ve been dreaming about
è Define key operational measures for your business
è Don’t lose your business or use up your savings and home equity loans

Chapter Nine− Key Steps to Constructing Your Moneymaking Plan

è Learn to go quickly from idea to cash generation
è Create the “bread crumbs” for the trail so your staff and vendors can duplicate and implement your best practices
è Follow proven steps in creating a plan for critical business activities
è You won’t get frustrated with this planning stuff that you aren’t good at

Chapter Ten. Remove Your Obstacles

è Transform your business through ongoing evaluation of your blind spots
è Your capacity to plan and implement your Personal Business Plan will directly lead to more business and profits


Most of our success is based on connecting your business with your purpose and passion. Many advisors are needed for the making of war according to Proverbs. Business is brutal. Get an advisor, visit Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp at to start walking in your path to your future.

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