Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making it Real

Author: T. Suzanne Eller
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 978-0-8254-2543-1
Genre: Inspirational/teens/nonfiction

Have you ever asked yourself questions like: Why can’t I feel God? What do I really believe? Is there more to my faith than this? (from back cover)

If you grew up in church, or call yourself a Christian, odds are that you’ve heard every Bible story and know everything you are supposed to believe. But when you go out in the world, do YOU know what you really believe? Or are you relying on a “hand-me-down” faith and the rules clanging around in your head?

MAKING IT REAL helps you to answer these questions and will help grow your faith into a dynamic relationship with God.

Inside the pages of MAKING IT REAL, you will find answers to questions such as:

Ø Is my faith more than a habit?
Ø Who is God to me?
Ø Do I trust God when life is unfair?
Ø Does God choose me?
Ø Am I ready to trust?

MAKING IT REAL is packed full of stories written by real teens, practical Bible teaching, five days of devotions for each chapter and plenty of space for journaling your thoughts. Ms. Eller will show you what it means to walk with Christ as a modern-day disciple. Your faith will be kick-started into an alive, intimate relationship with God. And you will scrape away the outer layers of your belief, to discover the four D’s: Direction, Decision, Dilemma, and Destiny.

Written for older teens getting ready to leave the nest and venture out on their own (to college, military, or career) MAKING IT REAL is the perfect gift to add to their graduation gift, or to lay on their end table for their personal devotions. And by the time your favorite teen (or you) finishes MAKING IT REAL, they will know Whose Faith is it Anyway?. 160 pages.

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