Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Waterproof Bible!

A friend sent me this - you have to see it.

You have to see this to believe it… a Bible that is WATERPROOF!I first saw one of these Bibles this weekend at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas. Couldn’t figure why I needed an Outdoor Bible. That is until someome suggested it could be read while relaxing in the tub.

Yeah! I bought one and have increased my Bible reading time and love it! No more worries about dropping my nice leather cover, onion skin paper Bible in the water anymore!Be inspired. Anywhere. Now you can have a Bible that is durable, tear resistant...and WATERPROOF!

Use camping, outside devotions, kitchen, or in the tub?Also use on missions trips, watching your kids' sports games, school, church (imagine that), lounging in or by the pool, literally ANYWHERE. No fear of getting it wet!Pick up one for a gift -- birthday, graduation, anniversary, encouragement, just because...

Watch the video, see the different versions available, purchase one today at:

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