Monday, February 27, 2012

52 Things Wives Need from their Husbands

Author: Jay Payleitner
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
February 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7369-4471-7
Genre: Inspirational/marriage

Nobody knows your wife like you do. You’re the guy who can make her day or break her heart. The choice is yours.

If your husband technique needs a refresher course, then pick up 52 THINGS WIVES NEED FROM THEIR HUSBANDS. Mr. Payleitner offers 52 wonderful pieces of advice that men need to know, such as:

 To be sane on Valentine’s day
 To warehouse memories together
 To buy two jars of peanut butter
 To be the pastor of your home
 To only have eyes for her
 To trade the mustang for a minivan
 To do more than nod and smile
 And much more…

There is a takeaway included after each short chapter that gives a simple, easy assignment or piece of advice.

Okay, I admit it. I’m a woman. Married twenty-five years to my husband. Most of this stuff we learned by trial and error. Some, we’re still learning. In one section it’s entitled “to try this experiment” my husband could learn not to say “my mom did it this way.” Almost nothing upsets me faster.

This is a book that all married men, soon to be married men, and hope to eventually get married men could stand to read. Face it, no one is perfect. Do you still wait until the last minute to buy her flowers for Valentine’s day? Do you do sweet little things for your wife to “get her in the mood”? Are you willing to give things up for her comfort?

My nineteen year old son, who falls in the “hope to eventually get married” category, asked if he could read this book when I finish. I think when he finishes; it’ll go into the family library. This is an invaluable resource for men everywhere, from nineteen to ninety. Buy it. Seriously. $12.99. 170 pages.

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