Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Lover and the Madman

Title: THE LOVER AND THE MADMAN: Memoirs of Joe K.
Author: Joe K.
Publisher: Sabre e-Books
November 2011
ISBN: 978-061554967-5
Genre: Memoir/Biography

Okay. Let me just preface this by saying I don’t like memoirs. I don’t care who the person is, I don’t care for them at all. So I probably was the wrong person to review the book. Second of all, I have no idea who Joe K. is. Someone in the music industry, I gather from reading the book. And third of all, I generally only read Christian books. So a book that includes drinking, smoking, cuss words, and other such things…

Joe K was named Kay William Klingersmith when he was born, but his dad fought hard and won with the result that his name was changed to Joel when he was a week old. Joe shares the memories of his life, his travels, his family, and his friends, well punctuated with pictures in the pages of this book. Some of the events were a bit interesting.

Joe K’s book is endorsed by his family members and friends, introducing their uncle, or their grandpa. This is a book that relatives of Joe K would love, friends would enjoy, and his fans will eat up. I’m none of the above.

That said—you might be one of the people who would love this book. If you have any foggy idea who Joe K (Klingersmith) was before I mentioned him in this review and want to know more about him, then look for a copy of THE LOVER AND THE MADMAN. If you are reading this review because you follow my blog and want the latest and greatest in Christian fiction/nonfiction… this is not it—although the book does end with Joe giving credit to his Creator, and offering gratitude to Him. $17.95. 352 pages.

I received this book in return for review from the publicist.

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