Friday, February 3, 2012

The Irish Healer

Author: Nancy Herriman
Publisher: Worthy publishing
April 2012
ISBN: 978-1-936034-78-9
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Rachel Dunne has fled Ireland, accused of murdering a child under her care. Rachel is a healer, but she vows never to sit at another sickbed since she no longer trusts her ability—or God’s mercy. Even though she is found innocent in Ireland, she still must leave because there are those in the community that believe she’s guilty, that justice wasn’t done. Afraid for her family, Rachel takes a job as a servant in a London physician’s household, categorizing his books.

Doctor James Edmunds is moving to the country to become a gentleman farmer, at his father’s deathbed request. He isn’t sure he wants to go, but feels he must since someone else is raising his poor motherless daughter. He never expects to be attracted to a mere servant girl, an Irish one at that, in his employ.

With the British disliking the poor Irish as much as they do, Rachel doesn’t find a friendly reception in Dr. Edmund’s household. She is attracted to the handsome doctor, but shies away from his every request for her to help him with patients. James doesn’t understand why since he’s seen her care for injured street urchins with great attention and care. When the truth about Rachel is revealed, will her position be lost? Or will James be able to forgive her and offer her something more?

THE IRISH HEALER is Ms. Herriman’s debut novel, the runner-up in the historical fiction category in the ACFW Genesis contest. This book truly did deserve these honors as it was gripping in it’s plot line with realistic characters that we couldn’t help but fall in love with.

This book isn’t releasing until April, but it is definitely one that historical fans will want to have on their wish lists! Two medical personalities, with guilts and demons of their own to face, doubting God’s grace. I wanted them both to find that loving and trusting God might be the answer to their disillusions. This is a book you won’t want to miss. $14.99. 320 pages.

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pol said...

WOW what a great first Nancy, this sounds so good, I will be looking to find this one and so glad to meet a new author.
Paula O(

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